Vieste is a Comune of 13.414 inhabitants in the province of Foggia. Well known and appreciated bathing resort on the Gargano, thanks to its clear water was often awarded with the Blue Flag.


The center of the city of Vieste is compound by two parts:
- punta di San Francesco, at the East, where born the Medieval center. This part of the city is rich in stairs, streets and here there are a lot of historical buildings such as the Church of San Francesco;
- punta di Santa Croce, at the North, it started to grow at the early '800. At that time born new quarters, a new town hall, a public park, the church of Santa Croce, etc. Here was also built the harbour of Vieste, still nowadays an important place for fishing and the maritime trade and traffics towards the Croatia, the Tremiti Islands and Manfredonia.
At the center of this two points there is the beach of Marina piccola. At the South of Punta San Francesco there is the beach of Pizzomunno; at the West of Punta Santa Croce, there is the beach of San Lorenzo, where there are a lot of free beaches.

Thanks to its clear waters, it was often awarded with the Blue Flag of Europe.
The main places to be visited are the Romanic Basilica Cathedral and the Castle, both beloved by Federico II the Svevum. The Cathedral rises on the top of Vieste, surrounded by a little less tall buildings. Amazing is even its bell tower, in Baroque style.
The Castle, a building made by the Svevis, overlooks the city. It has a dark colour and is on the cliff that overlook the sea. Along the coast there are the typical "trabucchi", once used by fishermen.


Places to be visited in Vieste
Among the main buildings that worth a visit, the Romanic Basilica Cathedral and the Castle.
The Cathedral is in one of the highest points in Vieste; it has three aisles. Really interesting is also its Baroque bell tower. The Cathedral was built in honour of Maria Assunta.
The Castle was built by the Svevis and it overlooks the city; it is on the cliff that are straight on the sea. It has three bastions. During the assaults by the Venetians and the I World War it was damaged. At the moment it is used by the Italian army.
Close to the Castle there is a door that once was the main access to the city.
Along the coast there are the typical "trabucchi", once used by fishermen.


Right on the "Spiaggia del Castello (Castle's beach)" at the South of Vieste, there is a 25 meters high monolith: Pizzomunno, that is the emblem of the city.
The legend talks about a wonderful boy named Pizzomunno who fell in love for a wonderful girl named Cristalda.

Daily Pizzomunno went fishing and mermaids were usual to sing him sweet songs because they were in love with him. More than once they offer him the gift of immortality if he accepted to become their king and lover. He always refused. When Pizzomunno went with Cristalda on the little island in front of the coast, mermaids, who were jelous, draft Cristalda into water. She died and Pizzomunno torn to stone due to his pain: this way born the rock of Pizzomunno.
But, once in 100 years, it seems that Cristalda came back and reaches his lover to live again, just for one night, their ancient love.


Close to Vieste there are a lot of tourist places of interest. From the harbour of Vieste it is possible to leave for the Tremiti Islands, not so far.
The Foresta Umbra is the biological heritage of the Gargano promontory.
The necropolis of La Salata, is at the East of the village and it is one of the most important in all the Mediterranean areas.
The Sanctuary os Santa Maria di Merino.
The grottos, carved by the sea, the Pizzomunno and the Architiello.
Food and wine in Vieste
Once in Vieste, one can taste: the filled eggplants, fish based soup, Christmas fried sweets covered with honey and almonds, chickpea marmelade, the typical "troccoli" and the "taralli" with fennel. The cooking in Vieste is mainly fish and vegetable based.


Sport in Vieste
Who wants to practice sail, windsurf, or kitesurf, Vieste is the right place: the position where the Gargano is allow the development of thermic winds, really appreciated by who loves sailing sports.
If you instead loves Mountain Bike and Trekking, will appreciate the Foresta Umbra.



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